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Coworking Space In Andheri

Maharashtra > Mumbai > Andheri

Find a Coworking Space in Andheri

Maharashtra > Mumbai > Andheri

Find a Coworking Space in Andheri

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Andheri is amongst the well-known localities of the Western part of Mumbai. The common thing between the localities of West Mumbai is the way of living that they have. These localities include places like Juhu, Vile Parle, Powai, Versova, and Bandra.

Andheri is easily connected to the public transport network of Mumbai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, which is the second busiest airport in the world, is located at a mere distance of 6-7 KM from Andheri. As you can see from the statistics, Andheri is very well accessible by any means of transport.

Andheri is considered to be a hotspot for luxury living. Many great infrastructural projects are a part of this community. These projects are equipped with high-class amenities. Versova and Four Bungalows are a part of Andheri’s upmarket neighborhood.

The locality is filled with several avenues for entertainment. The restaurants, malls, pubs, and multiplexes make up for the nightlife of Andheri. Being a posh area, you can spot a TV or movie star in the areas in and around Andheri. Lokhandwala complex is the living destination of most of these actors and is considered amongst the upper-class area.

Did you know that the community in Andheri is pretty diverse? As per the historical information, many communities settled down in Andheri after migration. The community majorly consists of Sindhis that are settled in Lokhandwala Complex and Four Bungalows. Sikh families have their roots in areas like JB Nagar. Versova on the other hand is home to Marathi-speaking Kolis. 

Co-working In Andheri

SEEPZ which is short for Santacruz Electronics Export Processing Zone is amongst the corporate zones of Mumbai. It is at a distance of 5KM from Andheri. Some of the many multinational companies and firms operate from their offices in SEEPZ. The area around SEEPZ is considered to be an industrial zone. It allocates many private companies, premium car showrooms, IT hubs, and the Veera Desai Industrial estate.

Working in Andheri or the areas around it would not be difficult at all, from the traveling perspective. As mentioned earlier, Andheri has very good transport connectivity. Did you know that Andheri is a major junction on both the Western and the Harbour railway lines? The junction on the central railway line is Ghatkopar, which is accessible from Andheri via the means of the Metro Rail.

Andheri like many other localities is divided into East and West wards too. Both have their pros and cons in terms of commute, housing, and way of life. The common thing amongst them is that both are a hotspot for several corporate multinational corporations. Offices are also used by startup companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has a business.

There are designated offices of many companies in this area but there has been a rise in the new trend of having co-working spaces. What are co-working spaces? How are they different from corporate offices? Let’s find out!

Co-working Spaces

What does co-working mean? It is the term used when employees of different companies or organizations work in the same environment as they share their office space. Doing so allows cost and space savings. The basic amenities include infrastructure, equipment, utilities, other services, etc. All of such amenities are often shared by the coworkers.

Started in 2001, co-working has increased in recent years. Some studies also show that the number of co-working spaces has almost doubled each year, in the 2006-2015 period. Widely accepted all around the world, co-working has increased in India as well. As per the statistics, there are around 350-400 co-working spaces all over India while there are 17,000 co-working spaces around the world.

Mumbai is ranked among major co-working hubs in India. Each of the co-working spaces offers different amenities and services. The basics are almost the same but the add-ons may differ. You should choose a co-working space as per the requirements of your company. 

Things to Consider

There are a set of things that you must consider before you decide on finalizing a co-working space for your ventures. These things can help you determine whether the space that you are choosing is worth your time and investment or not. These things are as given below:

  • Location Accessibility: It is necessary that the location isn’t too far away from the city and is easily accessible at all times. Space should be accessible through all seasons as well, including the monsoon season.
  • Return On Investment: Before investing, you should be aware of the return that you’ll be receiving after investment. Space should be affordable and hospitable. If there are any options for flexibility of plans, upgrading ease, or policies, then that is just like the cherry on the cake.
  • Growth Factor: You should consider aspects that might benefit you in the future. If there is space available for expansion or if there are good spaces to carry out meetings, then the growth factor of the co-working space would be high.
  • Community: Co-working is all about socializing and communicating with others. It is necessary that you should be happy and understanding of the community around you. That would make working much more enjoyable and easier.
  • Services and Amenities Offered: This list can be pretty long as there are many services that you can have when it comes to co-working. Some of the basic services include Wi-Fi Internet access, Cafetaria, Printers and Scanners, Conference Rooms, Workstations, Private Cabins, Relaxing rooms, Parking Spaces, 24/7 Accessibility, Air-conditioning, etc.

As all of these categories are satisfied by most of the co-working spaces in and around Andheri; you should think about considering it as an eligible candidate in the race of co-working space investment. The growth rate of Andheri has been high in past few years and the predictions show that it is bound to maintain that standard.

At the end of the day, you have to decide which option is best suited for you. For any further information, you can always rely on the Internet.

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Finding It Difficult To Decide?

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