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Coworking space in Calicut

Calicut, also known as Kozhikode, is an ancient city in Kerala’s hilly Malabar region.

Not only is Calicut a land known for its renowned Kalari warriors, but also for its courageous seafarers and cashew industries, graced by nature’s abundance-an abundance of stunning panoramas, beautiful greenery all over, and, of course, a very nice climate throughout the year.

Calicut is also well-known for its delectable and mouth-watering Mackerel biryani, banana fry, Kozhikode halwa, and the expertly made Parippu Vada, among other things.

There is yet another side to this beautiful city, and that was once the route to the Gateway to India used by the Europeans for trading purposes. It is rapidly becoming the first choice for start-ups and new businesses.


Calicut is one of the best places to settle because of the amenities it offers. The place is filled with hospitals, markets, banks, ATMs, schools, colleges, etc.

People in Calicut are really trustworthy, and a big example of this trustworthiness is the honesty of even the autorickshaw drivers! Even at night, the streets are very safe to roam, thus places around coworking spaces in Calicut area are pretty safe.

Weather at Calicut is also a point to note. -The weather of Calicut city is moderate throughout the year. That means the climate is often cool, and even in summer, the city receives rainfall, so the temperature remains cooler.

There are various delicious food items in Calicut. People who prefer to order their food online can get the delivery of their food in no time. The supermarkets are filled with groceries and all the items of daily use. So, even if you are a North Indian or from any country, you can enjoy your home as much as you like.


The public transportation system is superb. One can easily find public transport vehicles such as buses and autos. The bus connectivity is outstanding. Even if someone has to cover a long distance, they will never face any difficulty finding public transport like buses and autos.

The city also has a major railway station, connecting with other metropolitan places of India. Kozhikode International Airport is also present, facilitating air travel as well, thus the area around Coworking spaces in Calicut are well connected.

Why choose coworking space in Calicut for business?

The infrastructure for a start-up or new business is growing: Some special zones are there, especially for those who want to start a new business and different IT companies in HiLITE City, as development is being encouraged by the government in a big way. So there’s no lack of infrastructure in Calicut.

So, summing it up, we can conclude that coworking spaces in Calicut are really the best place for the start-up of a new business. Calicut has a very convenient infrastructure that makes it the best working ecosystem for any entrepreneur and helps them stay motivated and grow their business.

Therefore, choosing a coworking space in Calicut would be beneficial for your business.