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Coworking space in Ghatkopar

Ghatkopar is a major hinterland in the very heart and suburbs of central Mumbai. It has the major connectivity of the central line of Mumbai suburban railways and, in addition to it having the metro station of Mumbai metro.

Ghatkopar has reverberated patriotism and politics, faith, and incandescence over a century.

The city has also reassured a statement of belief for the enthusiastic youth for their startups. Also, the well-disciplined working life of the Ghatkopar never ever stops, and it helps in their day-to-day life.

Nearby amenities

Ghatkopar is known for having an immense infrastructure and luscious food stalls that stimulate coworkers to invest and to reside in Ghatkopar.

Despite having these hallmarks, the city also has numerous religious places like The famous Krishna Haveli and Jain temples and quite remarkable community hall Bhatia halls. There are many coworking spaces in Ghatkopar to choose from, and they’re run by professionals who provide the resources and offers you need to start and maintain a profitable business.


It is well-linked with the Mumbai suburban railways, which are even called the lifeline of Mumbai. And with the new introduction of the Mumbai metro now the throng is also at a low level nowadays.

It is a fully connected suburb of Mumbai. The buses, cabs are the commonly used transportation by the residents.

Why choose Ghatkopar for business?

The entire region of Ghatkopar has an immense infrastructure and a good social interactive neighborhood. Since the rentals of properties are also affordable, it is a perfect place for startups and businesses to set up their operations here.

The low real estate prices give a boost to the investors to even enthusiastically do more business.

Which is the best coworking space in Ghatkopar?

The best coworking space in Ghatkopar is Dhinchak media LLP Ghatkopar East.