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Coworking space in Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash, the residential area in Delhi, is a prime and motivating hub for innovative minds located in one of the most foremost locations in Delhi. The coworking spaces present here consist of all the amenities required to upgrade your working style.

The Greater Kailash has been divided into Greater Kailash Part 1 and Greater Kailash part 2, whereas both of them comprise fascinating co-working spaces. The Greater Kailash Part 1 comes under the luxurious sector, which may contain several facilities.

Nearby amenities

The coworking spaces in the city fulfill all the requirements of the executives like conference rooms, meeting rooms, hot desks, dedicated desks, etc.

Multiple necessities like Hospitals, Cafes, Parks, Restaurants, financial institutions, etc., are available. Other than the co-working area, Greater Kailash offers various types of amenities like Ashokan Edicts, Food tours Delhi, Nandan Park, etc.


With a substantial location, Greater Kailash is near to public transportation, such as metro lines and bus lines. Cabs or taxis may also be held as an alternative.

E Block Greater Kailash- II, Masjid Moth, Savitri Cinema Bus Stand, etc. are the bus stops, and (NZM)H NIZAMUDDIN, (NDLS)NEW DELHI, etc. are the railway stations nearest in Greater Kailash.

Why choose coworking space in Greater Kailash For business?

As Delhi is a hub for start-ups, the demand for entrepreneurs and start-ups in the city is uprising. In such a town, establishing the start-up proposal can be productive for you. Thus coworking spaces in Greater Kailash are the best for business purposes.

Which is the best coworking space in Greater Kailash?

The best coworking space in Greater Kailash is V Work Space Greater Kailash.