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Coworking space in Kalyan Nagar

Popularly known as ‘The Silicon Valley of India‘, Bangalore is the centre of the Information Technology Industry. Many known companies have their roots in Bangalore and are currently functioning from there.

Various locations of Bangalore such as Kalyan Nagar have various software companies and the IT industries operating from there.

The headquarters and offices of innumerable companies are placed here. Along with various companies, several Engineering Colleges are also situated here. The companies and industries have adopted the coworking space culture and are functioning smoothly. They are provided with various facilities in the coworking space and that too in a budget which makes it a terrific option for entrepreneurs, owners of startups, and ventures to set up their offices.

Nearby Amenities and Areas

The location of Kalyan Nagar is suitable for developing coworking spaces and accommodating young entrepreneurs and working professionals. The coworking space has become the first choice for industrialists, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to set up their offices and workplace.

Location plays an important role in acquiring a coworking space, thus Kalyan Nagar has a lot of opportunities around it.
It should be kept in mind that necessities should be nearby the coworking space to save time and effort. Kalyan Nagar has hospitals, banks, ATMs, restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls which makes it a good choice.

Moreover many industries and corporate offices are also sheltered in Kalyan Nagar which makes it profitable for the IT professionals working there. Cafes such as Brewklyn, Float Brewery, Absolute Barbeques, Mainland China, Spice Kitchen, Barbeque Nation, Chowman, etc are the favourites of professionals working in the area and are visited frequently by them.

Several other destinations like amusement parks, temples, and shopping malls are also popular among the crowd in Kalyan Nagar.

Travel Links and Connectivity

Kalyan Nagar is well developed and connected to the rest of the city through roadways. Cabs and taxis are available 24×7 and can be booked easily through the internet. Bus services are also available in Kalyan Nagar and there are many bus terminals.

The Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore is the nearest airport to Kalyan Nagar located at a distance of thirty-three kilometres. The railway station is also nearby Kalyan Nagar.

The connectivity of Kalyan Nagar to other parts of the city is quite feasible. Convenient commuting saves a lot of costs, time, and energy for the professionals working. Thus, connectivity to your chosen coworking space in Kalyan Nagar is very convenient since there are many modes of transportation available.

Why choose coworking space in Kalyan Nagar for Business?

Kalyan Nagar is located in the IT hub of the country which is a good enough reason in itself for setting up business in this location. The employment rate in the Information Technology sector and the corporate field is quite high in Bangalore as compared to any other part of the country. The demand for skilled and educated individuals is high in this area.

Moreover, the majority of the population of this area comprises college students and working professionals and hence the environment here is energetic and zealous which will push an individual to do better.

If you are yearning to start your career in the field of IT or trying to set up your startup or business, then undoubtedly Kalyan Nagar in Bangalore is the perfect location for you.

What are the best coworking spaces in Kalyan Nagar?

The best coworking spaces in Kalyan Nagar are Bricspaces kalyan nagar, WorkMatterz Kalyan Nagar and many more.