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Coworking Space In Mumbai | Shared Office Space In Mumbai

Mumbai is an expensive city and so is the real estate market. The real estate properties, especially the commercial office spaces in Mumbai are rated as one of the most expensive properties in the world.

For example, the rent of a 1000 sq. ft. office in Mumbai is almost 2 Lakhs rupees a month. This is an enormous amount for a small office where hardly 10 or 15 people can sit.

The same office in Kolkata will not cost you more than 80 thousand rupees a month. These figures provide a striking contrast between the real estate prices of both cities.

A good office setup can help improve the creative ability of professionals. Even freelancers who prefer to work from home feel bored and unproductive due to a lack of a professional environment.

For all these above-mentioned problems faced by the working sector, coworking is an ideal solution that allows them to socialize with different sectors and bring excitement to their professional life.  It has become a major part of most of the modern entrepreneur’s journey.

The coworking environment spaces have shown a tremendous increase in customer satisfaction with this perfect working environment. It has created a groundbreaking revolution in the growth of many entrepreneurs and various other organizations.

There are various coworking spaces in Mumbai which are optimal for small businesses, startups, and freelancers who cannot afford their own commercial office.

These spaces are used for numerous events from conducting interviews, business meetings to organizing events and workshops.

These workspaces in Mumbai give professionals a chance to work independently or collaborate with others in the same and different fields helping them in the long run.

In such a city where the percentage of the working sector is very high, a lot of struggle is faced to find an appropriate space for offices and other work-related programs. This makes the necessity of coworking very high.

Importance Of Coworking Space In Mumbai

1. Budget-Friendly

Almost every small business, entrepreneur, and other start-ups requires offices but the cost for such office space is a little too much which can’t be afforded by many. As mentioned above, the rent of a small office in Mumbai won’t be less than 1.2 to 2 Lakhs a month.

Since it is not feasible for businesses to pay such huge rent, the coworking option seems to be more budget-friendly to businesses, especially for startups and freelancers. In Mumbai, many coworking spaces are situated in places like Andheri West, Bandra West, and Colaba.

These spaces are much more affordable making it extremely convenient for freelancers and startups to lease them. When you are in the initial stages of your business, it is important that you keep a good check on your finances and your budget. To overcome this problem choosing coworking spaces is one of the best ways as it is pocket-friendly.

2. Flexible

The Mumbai traffic is world-famous; therefore, reaching your office late is a common phenomenon. In coworking spaces, there is no time limit, and you can enter the office whenever you feel like it.

The flexibility of the timing which is offered by a coworking space is a big plus point for Mumbaikars. You only pay for the hours you use the workspace.

The flexibility helps to provide an environment with less stress and pressure at work. This flexibility which is seen here is one of the major reasons why coworking spaces are becoming very popular in this metropolitan city.

3. Versatile

Once you start working in a coworking space in Mumbai, you get a wonderful chance to collaborate with various people and stay updated with the current trends happening around you.

A coworking space will surely allow you to mix and collaborate with many people coming from all over India. Mumbai is a city where you will find people from all cultures and states.

They come to Mumbai because of the amazing networking facilities as well as infrastructure that this city provides them.

Due to these diverse demographics, coworking spaces offer versatility and you can exchange your ideas and knowledge with people from different backgrounds.

The coworking spaces not only just provide you with office space but there is room for other things as well. These spaces provide better interior, Wi-Fi-connectivity, well-equipped desks and other furniture, meeting rooms, and many more.

Moreover, it also provides space for the cafeteria, etc. Such amenities are some every employee’s dream and this will offer a chance to socialize after the long tiring work.

Also, it helps in creating a very pleasant environment that is optimal for a much healthier growth rate of the company.

Why Should You Choose A Coworking Space In Mumbai For Your Business?

Mumbai has been serving as a hub of commerce and trade in the country for years. Different trade routes and resources make Mumbai the business capital of India.

Mumbai is known as the land of dreams. People from all states and cities visit here to try out their luck. Apart from its huge Bollywood industry,

Mumbai also serves as an economic playground for various industries. From the food industry to the IT sector, most of the reputed companies are established here.

Also, the infrastructure and the quality talent available in this city make it a perfect location to set up your business. Whether you want to start an IT business or a simple manufacturing one, you will always get a quality workforce here.

Overall, having a business address in Mumbai will definitely increase the worth of your company.

Also, Mumbai is home to many MNCs and well-established companies. Therefore, for startups and freelancers, this city is perfect for networking. With a booming business culture, setting up your business in Mumbai will surely give you the maximum returns.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What are the best locations for coworking spaces in Mumbai?

The best locations in Mumbai are  South Mumbai, Thane, Thane West, Fort Mumbai, Lower parel, Malad, Andheri, Navi Mumbai, Bandra East, Navi Mumbai, etc.

2. What are the best coworking spaces in Mumbai?

The best coworking spaces in this city are Smartworks Coworking Space, Divine hub coworking space Ecospaze by One Co.Work.